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Jan, 2023

Facebook/Instagram & Website


We at HTV aim to expand the reach and popularity of both our little league boys and girls programs.  To that end, we are looking to increase our usage of social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to promote the league's many offerings.  Both are currently active - please check them out!

We would like post game-action pictures, as well as celebratory photos of teams that may have won a championship, or played in Williamsport, or just plain had a grand old time at a team party both to this website and to other social media platforms.  If any parent objects to the league posting pictures of their child on any of these platforms, please e-mail us directly.  

In addition, while coaches and assistants may take photos throughout the season, we would love for parents to share any game-action photos they take for posting to various platforms.  Please e-mail any appropriate photos to [email protected].  

We look forward to the upcoming season.  

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